Piston Vacuum Pumps

We offer high quality Piston Vacuum Pumps,which are designed and manufactured to cater the demands of large number of clients for various industrial solutions.These pumps are designed to offer excellent performance with tailor made molecular distilled oil based on years of research and development. These pumps give consistent performance through high level of vacuum technology.The vacuum pumps are single-stage pumps with an extraordinary velocity of 250 m3/h (147cfm) and an final pressure of 0,04 mbar (0.024 Torr). It is a two-stage pumps with a pumping speed of 200 m3/h (118 cfm) and an ultimate pressure of 510-4 mbar (310-4 Torr).
Key Features:
  • These pumps are properly quality checked for proper functioning
  • These pumps are widely used in various industries such as chemical and pharma.
  • These pumps are used in de aeration, vacuum drying, lifting of non-porous materials etc.
  • These are available in competitive prices

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